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The latest news and perspectives on diversity, fairness, and the way race and racism are addressed in faculties. Amid the disruptions caused by the pandemic, interest in SEL is surging amongst educators and fogeys. Some examples of how the world of education has responded to the pandemic.

One of the keys to understanding present day China is grasping its past. Yale University historian Jonathan Spence helped many individuals to understand this vast area. If you’ve campus news, views, works of art, photos or just wish to attain out to us, simply drop us a line. WHYY provides a voice to those not heard, a platform to share everyone’s tales, a basis to empower early and lifelong learners and a trusted house for unbiased news.

Charter advocates say the money will assist construct new colleges, whereas some experts don’t think the donation will cause a seismic shift. Shift to homeschooling and …